New England Patriots’ Justin Herron hailed as hero by police for helping stop attempted sexual assault

New England Patriots hold hostile tackle Justin Herron was respected as a legend by the Tempe (Arizona) Police Department on Wednesday for assisting with halting an endeavored rape in a recreation center four days sooner.

Police said a 30-year-old suspect was seen Saturday pushing a 71-year-old resigned educator to the ground. That is when Herron and a subsequent man, Murry Rogers, mediated.

Herron, a 2020 6th balance pick of Wake Forest who played in 12 games last season (six beginnings), has been preparing in Arizona.

“We are here to respect two great Samaritans that mediated during this horrible assault and kept the suspect until police could show up and ensure that he was arrested,” Detective Natalie Barela of the Tempe Police Department said at a news meeting. “Notwithstanding the quick activities of Mr. Justin Herron and Mr. Murry Rogers, this horrendous assault could’ve been a lot of more regrettable.”

Said police Chief Jeff Glover: “The effect they’ve had on our casualty’s life; these two people ventured forward and really saved her life.”

Barela said the casualty has encountered “a lot of injury, yet she is working through a portion of these things and actually doing OK.”

Herron, 25, and Rogers were given an “Exceptional Citizen” testament by police at Wednesday’s news meeting. Herron said he heard shouting in the recreation center and responded.

“You see it in films and TV constantly, yet you never believe it will occur, all things considered, until it does. At that time, I was in stun,” Herron said.

“It was 11, in the day, not one cloud in the sky and in an open field. The reality it occurred there, around then, was extremely stunning. At the time, I wish I could mention to you my opinion. I just realized somebody simply required assistance. Nothing remained at that point but to simply surge myself over yonder to ensure I could help the person in question and ensure I could comfort her and be the best individual I can be.”

Herron, who is 6-foot-5 and 305 pounds and set the Wake Forest record with 51 games began in his school vocation, said his size made a difference.

“I’m a football player, so I’m somewhat large,” Herron said. “I do whatever it takes not to be excessively forceful with individuals realizing I might actually hurt someone. I do have a boisterous voice, so everything I did was simply holler, advise him to get off her, and afterward yanked him off. Also, I advised him to plunk down and stand by until the cops come.”

Police said the casualty has since met with Herron and Rogers and “there was not a dry eye in the room.”

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